Mobile Marine Oil Transfers

mobile marine oil transfers

Mobile marine oil transfers by Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. offer clients safe and efficient ship to shore product transfers. Certified Cleaning Service offers mobile marine oil transfers throughout the entire United States including Hawaii.

There are many responsibilities to adhere to in the prevention of oil pollution and the collection, reclamation, and disposal of oily wastes. There are very specific management guidelines that must be followed for mobile marine oil transfers.

marine oil transfers

Since January 1997, the United States Coast Guard has given approval of Mobile-Marine-Oil-Transfers-TacomaCertified Cleaning Service, Inc.’s Mobile Marine Oil Transfer Facility Operations Manuals and Mobile Facility Emergency Response Plan. These publications have been renewed and approved yearly. This ensures our clients a safe and effective means of ship to shore product transfers.

Mobile Marine Oil Transfers
Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. maintains complete liability and pollution insurance coverage. This policy includes, but is not limited to Commercial General Liability, Pollution Insurance and Off Shore Insurance and Mobile Marine Oil Transfer documentation approved by the US Coast Guard.

Certified Cleaning Services equips emergency response teams, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assess and contain emergency spills.