Marine Clean Up for Ballard Area Ships, Barges and Vessels


Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. is one of the leading marine cleaning companies in the Ballard, WA area, offering the best professional marine cleaning services without compromising on our quality work standards. Marine clean up in the Ballard area can be used for various purposes, such as:

• Marine clean up for ocean tankers  
• Marine clean up for barges 
• Marine clean up for tug boats 
• Marine clean up for merchant ships 
• Marine clean up for navy vessels 

No matter for which purpose you need marine clean up in the Ballard area, we offer advanced marine cleaning services. In addition to this, we make use of high performance marine cleaning products to ensure effective and complete marine clean up for you in the Ballard area.

Ballard Area Marine Cleaning to Remove Sludge, Residue and Corrosion


Services for marine cleaning in the Ballard area are generally acquired for the removal of oil deposits in the Ballard area. Marine cleaning is performed using a complex mixture of chemicals that removes sludge and corrosion from the Ballard area vehicles and properties. Features of marine cleaning in the Ballard area are:

• Marine cleaning is biodegradable 
• Marine cleaning has low sudsing 
• Marine cleaning is non-corrosive 
• Marine cleaning can be done with a broad range of marine clean up materials 
• Marine cleaning is non-flammable 

When seeking professional assistance for marine cleaning in the Ballard area, contact us. We offer a highly dedicated marine clean up team that is adept at offering proficient marine cleaning services. Our technicians strive to offer the highest standards of marine cleaning services as per the requirements of our diverse clients.

Why Choose Us for Marine Cleaning Services in the Ballard Area?


Realizing the benefits of clean up, many Ballard area occupants are opting for marine cleaning services. However, you must make a wise choice when selecting your marine cleaning company in order to acquire optimum marine clean up results in the Ballard area. Choose our marine cleaning services in the Ballard area because:

• We offer 24*7 marine cleaning services 
• We offer the support of an experienced marine clean up team for marine cleaning services 
• We offer reliable marine cleaning services  
• We offer steadfast marine cleaning services 
• We offer high-quality marine cleaning services 

Holding years of experience, our management team has the potential to meet the repair, maintenance, as well as marine cleaning needs of various clients and offers precise services at economical prices.

To get affordable, yet effective marine cleaning services, residents of the Ballard area can call Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. at 206-457-2528.